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Your right, reviewer/provider only stuff rarely stays that way.

Posted 5/6/2012 at 6:23:22 AM

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That the fact he is blacklisted anywhere could make a man already dangerous man act in an aggressive manor. This I will not dispute. But here is my real point. Have you every been outed by real name as a sex worker? Have you ever had family members shun you because someone outed you? Have you ever had friends quit being friends because they think you are cheating on your SO and giving him STD's? Have you?

I have as a hobbyist. My cousin outed me when he found out I was seeing escorts after a favorite of mine got busted a year and a half ago. I was seeing red. I wanted him dead. I am not psycho and I didn't even do a damn thing to him, but I wanted to. I am fairly non violent now days, but it invoked me to such anger that I wanted to hurt him.

Now if I being a guy who has control of his temper, who had his wife rallying to defend him, and ended up better off being outed, so it cost me little could be made to see red because of an outing. How do you honestly think a real dangerous man, who lost his wife and kids plus half of everything he owns and perhaps his job, and has shown in action that he does not mind hurting escorts is going te react? If he is really dangerous the person he blames may be in real jeopardy. Just saying.

I agree those that really do bad things like rob, threaten, hurt, rape or the like diverse far worse than any blacklist can do. These men are scum. These men are the ones most likely to escalate things to a dangerous level. Yet if these was the only ones on these sites, and if the ladies where all screened for integrity before they where allowed to post, I would have zero issue with the sites.  That is not the case.

Most are on one as time wasters, NCNS, and similar minor offenders. Hell there are those on these sites for giving too much detail in a review or a board post. Real info even pictures on some sites. Then you add that there is zero screening of who posts and people lie a lot in this game on both sides. It looks like these sites main goal is to be a weapon against anyone providers don't like. They aren't all that useful as screening tools as you have no  clue of the information's source.

NCNS does not warrant outing, those think it does are dangerous. These sites does think a NCNS equals outing thus making them dangerous. Guys know this and many try to avoid screening in any real way because of it, even to the point of giving false screening info. This makes things more dangerous for the ladies. These sites are bad for everyone. They are so full of lies as to make them useless as a screening tool as there is zero accountability. Even on sites like TER that there is some accountability have lies. There is likely even more out and out lies on sites with ZERO accountability.

I said my piece.

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