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It's a vagina liner! 

Posted 5/5/2012 at 6:59:19 PM

It doesn't roll on like a regular condom, and while I've had a few come close, no man has ever completely filled it out.  Lots of lube on him, put the condom on him and then hop on to insert it.  Then it should stay inside you, which gives him more sensation since his skin is moving against something instead of being covered by a layer of latex, which reduces sensation.

I also lube a gentleman before putting a regular condom on so that he can get some sensation of movement against the latex.  It seems to provide a better feeling for him.

I like to suck, but I love to fuck.  I think you'd prefer to suck, so the fucking part probably isn't the highlight of your encounter.  I've read that you're better than a vacuum cleaner.  LOL

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