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Re: Agency: Vs pimp. PART2 

Posted 5/5/2012 at 5:58:21 PM

Hello tech geeks..before that a-hole Bill Gates and his croonies Steve Jobs created the internet. You ladies and gents would have had to use the Yellow pages in your back yard. Now I'm talking about around the time starting from 1978-2000. Every guy,girl or married couples had to thumb through the 20 something pages of the ESCORT section. All of the people over 35years old would know that and those of you younger. Simply have no clue about old school advertising and the headaches it caused people. But call girls and their agency owners made real bank($$$$) back in the days. Now agencies owned by men are simple "child predator's" especially if your NOT street smart. Sleeping with an idiot for a job,,hell no!! The best agencies have always been owned by older white ladies back in the day. They had local cops and judges in their change purse section. Street pimps are scum who have no respect for their stable of whores. They will beat them,drug them and burn them out around the clock. As of late I have called around for fun to a few agencies in LA,Vegas,Miami,Manhattan and Chicago. It's easy to determine who's in charge when you are asked to  submit a bio,pictures and address it :Steve,or Mr.Willie?. No thanks...I work alone and I rather enjoy the moniker of being CEO. Yes working Indy requires much more work,screening,passing on clients and financial matter's. If you do work for a female owned agency,,never ever steal their clients. Woman can be vicious and .......lol

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