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Who wouldnt agree? 

Posted 5/5/2012 at 10:02:20 AM

Its so funny how some guys on here are calling her bitter, mad, washed up etc and some women are in total disagreence with her... TAKE HEED! these are real concerns! Aside from a few things like the tipping although I agree since we are providing a service, and the gifts that I feel only maybe a returning client should bring if he KNOWS that his provider is going to ROCK his world or he has a genuine connection with. After all WE ARE STILL WOMEN! And basicslly at the end of the day all she is basically saying is we want to be treated the same way you would want to be treated just in her own spin of things.... I figure if you disagree with her turn the tables around and picture yourself on the other side how would you want to be treated/handled? Or maybe you are not guilty of any of these things she speaks of, well I APPLAUD THE FUCK OUT OF YOU!! LOL alot of men dont care! Not saying you dont but if this was your business and it was being mishandled or vandalized im pretty sure you would have a whoooooole lot to say, you'll be ready to go to the media probably all the way up to the mayor to get it straightened out right? Boys dont get offended she's just being honest and giving insite on what really goes on behind closed doors and actually helping in a humerous, but patronizing way! and well if you see more providers that agree well you gotta wonder if there's some truth behind it and actually be on OUR side and make things a bit more comforting...just saying:) You gotta love opinions though

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