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Posted 5/5/2012 at 9:38:13 AM

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I remember a late night appointment a few years ago. Contacted agency I'd used before and was told there was a new girl on duty who was very popular. Set appointment and waited for her to arrive. Kn ock on door and let in a very young ,pretty girl. She looked a little disheveled and bleary eyed. I asked if she was allright and she said she was just tired and thankfully I was her last client
for the day. She asked if she could use the shower and of couse I said yes. She seemed to be a long time showering and I went to see her.She was setting in the tub with the cold water poring on her. I'm thinking she is ODing or something. Got her out of tub and lay her on the bed. She said she was just exhausted and that she had had 10 appointments that day. Back to back to backetc.
This was her 2nd day on the job and she was shot. I went and made her a cup of coffee and when I returned she was curled up asleep. I called the agency and told them what had happened and that I was pissed at what they were doing to,her. They said they would send driver and another girl to replace her. I told them forget it and not to send driver. She sleep until 6:00 am and was so embarassed about what had happened. I wonder if this is the norm foer agencies to book their popular girls  back to back? She has since quit agency and gone Indy and only sees 1 client a day now.  And yes, I've seen her a number of times and she is great.

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