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+1 Never seen an agency girl and likely never will.

Posted 5/5/2012 at 7:32:24 AM

Additionally, I tend to shy away from girls that have assistants.  Some times it's unavoidable, and I prefer an assistant over an agency, but the less people that know my business the better.  Don't care for the middle man (or woman).


Posted By: Niceguy75

I do not see the value in spending the money to go through an agency.  Since  I only see well reviewed and established companions  I don't have a need for an agency that  needs to make money on the transaction. I would rather deal directly with the lady.


Posted By: prepkid
Not sure if this was dealt previously, but let's hear from both hobbyists and providers on different aspects of agency vs. independents. What do you generally prefer? Why did you decide to choose agency/independents?


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