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Time to retire?

Posted 5/4/2012 at 2:40:29 PM

Call it a mid-life crisis, because that is accurately what it is, but I jumped into this hobby six months ago after reaching a certain age because I wanted to sow those wild oats that I didn't get a chance to sow back in my youth.  As I went through the motions, I realized there was a bucket list of stuff I wanted to try, which now I have, save one thing...an overnight with a favorite provider.  I have the opportunity to do that soon, but after a tremendous, great, satisfying appointment this morning, one which I doubt another provider would be able to top in an hour's time, let alone overnight, it got me to thinking...I think this hobby may have run its course for me, so much so I may not need or want that overnight.

I've tried everything I've want to try, with a variety of providers, living out all those fantasies...so it is time to retire as a hobbyist? Or is there such a thing as hobbyist burnout? Anybody ever have similar feelings or experience? Just curious...

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