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The towels being compared to steaks is priceless and dead on!

Posted 5/3/2012 at 7:20:15 PM

I mean it's not the guy's fault the damn hotels only give us 3 of each towel even if we are there for a damn week! It's more than obvious if you are going through that many damn towels you are doing more than taking your make-up off with them. Solution..bring your own!

At most I see 2 guys a day and that is only when I tour, but even then I need more towels. You have to consider that every guy you see might want to take a shower, and so forth. I just started bringing my own face towels and only bother the maids for the big ones.

Still...it is a bit annoying when one guy uses 3 clean towels to wipe the same d*ck that is not the size of a truck lol.

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