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I don't understand why there is confusion about your rate in the first place?

Posted 5/3/2012 at 4:36:22 AM

You don't have a link to your reviews otherwise I would take a peek and see for myself.

But why exactly is it going down like this?

I've never had to explain my rate or ask for it twice.  If you're not screening and just showing up and laying it down when you get there (lol) that may be the problem.

As far as when someone threatens to call the cops on you..."please leave" would be enough for me to exit.  The police are the least of your concern- the potential for violence is a much larger threat.

Getting argumentative about your rate doesn't exactly set the stage for a pleasurable encounter.
Make your advertisements and your rates clear so that there is no confusion and the gift is already prepared before you arrive.  If you're doing some a la carte or upsell bullshit upon arrival...cut it out, all of that extra nonsense is more work for you.
Also just screen your clients- the sort of personality that would invite you over and then try to negotiate your rate or dismiss you over it is *very* easily avoided.  

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