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A few lessons about women 

Posted 4/27/2012 at 7:11:33 AM

Ive noticed that some of my clients don't have a lot of experience with women.  One didn't even know what I was talking about when I said that I was on my period.  (Missed 5th grade health class perhaps?)

Anyway, here's another nugget of knowledge that some of you may be able to use.

If you take a woman out to eat and feed her a big steak, potato, and salad, you cannot then take her home and do Greek on her.  Do Greek BEFORE dinner.  Women have functioning digestive tracts.  We are not blow up dolls.

Another nugget to add:  after dinner, DO NOT try to do some kinky deep throat/face fucking with her.  It's just a bad idea.

Finally, immediately after dinner, you may not want to do 69 with the girls ass on your face.  And if she scoots away really quick, don't say "What did you do that for??".  She's saving you from something that would kill the mood.  Just let her scoot away for a second and she'll come back once the feeling has passed.

You're welcome!

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