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Re: Contact him ASAP

Posted 4/27/2012 at 12:22:12 AM

I mean start "looking"... lol..


Posted By: DestinyDelight
Man, sounds like you worked it and got a way better place than me!  This place is alright...  and I'm running outta time since I took so long to start working.  But it has all the essentials I was looking for..  

Last night, while chatting, he brought the deposit amount down drastically from 3 times the rent to one month rent.  Sooo.. not sure he'd have an ear for me if I asked for me reductions, lol!

I kinda think it would be fine.  But I've never attempted such a thing.  It's a new arena for me.   If I'm too forward, he might freak out.  If not- he may not be interested.  If I do get it...  well- since he'll be in Europe...  maybe not much to worry about...


Posted By: A_New_Invention
Wow, I can't believe you blew the opportunity.  Tell him you can't get the apartment out of your head, and enjoyed talking with him, but weren't sure it was in your price range.  Tell him you wonder if he'd be interested in meeting again to talk about it.  

Show up looking sexy, make sure he has a contract ready to sign (that's your payment!), and negotiate.

This stuff happens all the time. Even for guys. Once, I got an apartment (with pool!) absolutely free for an entire summer simply by watching gay porn with my landlord once in a while.  I'm sure he thought something was going to happen eventually. Not a chance.  But he didn't know that.  And he never got pissed off.  Heck, a year later he contacted me again to tell me that if I ever needed anything, let him know.


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