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Shouldn't it be "Should anyone be forgiven?"....

Posted 4/26/2012 at 2:31:19 PM

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Man, from the collection of your posts I’ve read recently you come across as one angry individual—with a bit too much of that anger directed at women it seems.

You did not mention the lady by name so I assume this is a more general question for the board—since we cannot very well judge a specific unnamed lady.  But if it is a general question about a person outing another, why focus on a provider outing a client and not just one member of the community outing another?  Should the situation be any different if a guy outed a lady?  I cannot see any reason it should be.

For EITHER gender, the other person’s part of the story is missing from your question.  I have seen a person outed because someone was jealous, someone was trying to get rid of competition, or because they were just bad people.

But I have also seen a person outed because they were stalking someone, because they had beaten and robbed a lady, and in one case because the lady had planted drugs in a guy’s hotel room and then called the police.

Sometimes killing a person is murder, sometimes it’s self defense.

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