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Ok that's it! NO one over 60 ever again! This is not funny

Posted 4/25/2012 at 5:14:23 PM

you are right, but it's also not something we are paid to have to deal with. No offense, but I would have called 911 from the damn hotel phone in the hall and that's where I would say I found him! Fkin crazy. I am sure his wife and he would both appreciate that if he lived. NO way in hell I would tell LE a damn thing!

Don't freaking see hookers if you know you are not in good health..it's not rocket science!


Posted By: HobbyCity
It happens fairly often as a matter of fact and I personally know a provider whose client had a heart attack and died during the date.

At least the provider had the courtesy to cancel her appointments but sex is the last thing on her mind.

The provider I know had to deal with LE and an investigation, had to admit to LE that she was an escort, then had to deal with the deceased's family. His wife made several attempts to contact her and then began stalking her on the Internet. The provider had to quit for a while, then went UTR and had to change her entire identity went she went public again.


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