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Posted 4/25/2012 at 1:53:10 PM

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That's funny.  No major paranoia or anxiety here.  I tend to argue vociferously when I disagree with the logic being thrown against me.  In this case it was multiple people predicting I'd be busted soon.  At the end of that post I said I didn't think it would happen.  If I were truly paranoid I wouldn't be in this hobby at all.  I also didn't care for other insults thrown at me by one poster who seemed to be fixated on one facet of my original post and not on the true request I had made in that post.


Posted By: ThighHighStockings
Pardon me but I have to ask you a question. Do you suffer some sort of panic attacks? Are you on medications that reduce the anxiety and fear? Because it does seem if you  really do have a high end education , you would be cleaver and charm your way out of being caught.

Sorry just asking cause your replies seem paranoid and  full of panic


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