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Posted 4/25/2012 at 10:18:22 AM

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I'm going to back the good advise above up from the landlord/hobbyist side.
I have leased units to providers before.  It was so tempting and seemingly very positive in both situations.  Basically, I was a regular, and we had good chemistry.  They are both excellent providers but also clearly excellent people who just happen to be providers.   They were in need of a new space due to landlords who were actually pulling some of the stuff you are describing (but after the lease was signed and they were living/working there).  My offer of a good space was a good offer and both loved the high-rise condos.

It just gets messy and sometimes uncomfortable after that point though.  I personally did not visit them as a hobbyist any more in order to keep our relationship less confused.  But it was always a hassle from an ownership standpoint.  As if often the case, they wanted to work out of their home (big mistake!).  Management companies and doormen start to notice if you have too many male visitors.
I clearly lost my "plausible deniability" as an owner and landlord should they ever have LE issues.  That could potentially have hurt both me and them.  It didn't but it could have.  It would be much better if I could have said "no, she was a great tenant.  paid on time.  very pleasant.  that's all I know."  So again, uncomfortable and messy even though we had a great personal and professional relationship.

Blah, blah, blah, I will stop the rambling story but, Destiny, stick to sage advice of the other providers here and elsewhere on this board ---- keep your professional and personal lives separate.  It will serve you well both short and long term.


Posted By: DestinyDelight
I do.  I'm very upfront.  I do legit things on the side that actually do pay me in cash.  I let them know my credit info, tax info, no paystub info, etc upfront because I don't want to be told no to.

I have other options and more places to see.  That was just a good deal..  I don't mind checking myself at dinner and not doing more.  

And I keep thinking that since he's subletting his place to me while he's out of the country...


Posted By: mistressjessica
while looking for a new place.

Ask if they will take your bank statements. Lots of times if you tell them you work for yourself and dont' have check stubs they will accept your bank statements....

Yes, you have to do what you have to do to get ahaed.. but.... don't lie to him,,
You are only setting yourself up for future expectations...

Its one thing to go to dinner with the plumber to get him to fix your toilet. It something else to
be a tenant in a place for a year or so when he has seen you naked and knew it was easy to get in your pants the first time and then.. god forbid he finds out what you do.... YOu are asking for trouble..

keep your business and your panties to yourself and those that need to know only


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