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Some different perspectives

Posted 4/25/2012 at 9:25:56 AM

In my entire life I have never been caught cheating on a  GF .
  I have never used a real friend as an excuse , only imaginary friends . I go to ringer menu ,
 ring my phone , answering in front of the GF.  " Thanks JIM , I'm not up for poker tonight
maybe next week "  

I would never use a friend as an excuse  . You should  only trust yourself
 with any negative secrets .  The most successful diamond thieves work alone,
  absent of the  snitch factor  .

It's a small world Charlie Brown . Most of us have gone to a different state or country and
 seen someone on the street we hadn't seen in years .

As much info as you have given on this  thread , if your friend is a TER hobbyist who
frequents the boards or an anti hobbyist  stalker here , you are busted .





Posted By: Squeezylabeef
Hi all,

Long time no communicate.  Question for y'all.

A few months back an old friend came into town and he and I went out for dinner.  I left the wife and kids at home.  He doesn't know I hobby.  I used this wonderful opportunity to hit it with a lovely provider lady after the friend wanted to make it an early night.  So I was out quite late and lied to the Mrs. that my friend and I were out late going to clubs etc.

In a couple weeks my family and I are taking a vacay to his city.  I haven't contacted him yet to tell him.  Ideally, I'd like to get the families together, see his house, etc.  Of course I'm nervous that the my wife might bring up the subject of our wild late night out.  'what?' he'll say 'he dropped me back at the hotel early 'cause I had an early flight he next day'.  Incredibly awkward silence followed by ?

Should I a) not tell him I'm coming, b) get together and hope for the best that the 'wild night' subject doesn't come up or, c) something else?


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