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Re: This was a first for me... What's your fastest session ever?

Posted 4/25/2012 at 9:39:30 AM

I walked in. The working girl creamed her pants and had a big O at the mere sight of me. I walked out.



Posted By: MT91151
Up until yesterday I've never done less than a 1 hour appointment and generally the average is 2+ hours, but yesterday I'm driving to a lunch meeting and I get off the freeway to get gas and across the street is a hotel where a local girl I've seen before usually has her incall.  As I'm pumping the gas, I call her number and ask if she working and if she's still at ZZZ hotel, and she says she is and asks if I want to stop later that afternoon.

I tell her I'm on my way to an appointment, and I've got a few minutes to spare, but I'm right across the street.  So she says 'come on up'.  I told her I only had a few minutes and she offered me a reasonable 1/2 hour rate.  I finished pumping gas, went to the restroom to wash up and drove across the street.  

I was in and out of the front door of the hotel in 7 minutes (FS, not BJ.  I'm not terribly proud of myself for the rapid performance, but she seem pleased to earn a 1/2 hour rate in less than 10 minutes and I had an itch that needed a five minute scratch.  It definitely helped that we knew each other.  I totally appreciated her efficiency, and I was able to get to my lunch appointment on time.

Not sure how frequently this happens, but a convenient quicky does seem to make an otherwise dull afternoon improve considerably.

So the question (for both the boys and the girls) is...What's the shortest FS appointment you've ever had?


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