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Re: Your advice please

Posted 4/25/2012 at 9:27:23 AM

There you go again with the rationalizing. It will prove to be your undoing.

I never berated you for lying. EVERYONE lies from time to time. I berated you for stupidly involving your friends in your surreptitious activities. If they were REALLY your friends, then you would not have treated them so disrespectfully (same goes for your wife, but that's a different issue).

The advice I offered you was to not involve your friends as alibis in your surreptitious activities. It's not my fault that you were too stupid to see that I did offer you advice (although your stupidity is certainly understandable given your involving your friends by using them as alibis).

You're right, nothing is certain about what will happen to you. But if you honestly believed that, then you wouldn't have written your original post, now would you?


Posted By: Squeezylabeef
Instead of chastising or lying to me, you could offer helpful and respectful advice like pretty much everyone else.  If you chastise me for lying, then you chastise everyone on this board including yourself, as you lie to a society that makes this hobby (and I assume your participation in it) illegal.

You don't know that I will get caught one day.  If I do I will have to deal with the consequences, just like you may have to deal with Uncle LEO if he pays you a surprise visit.

Before you criticize, take a look in the mirror.


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