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Rarely am I totally happy with the way I look.

Posted 4/24/2012 at 6:38:27 PM

Days when the make-up, hair, skin, tan, etc. are looking just right, I feel ok but other days not so much. It would not make a difference if every guy in or out of the hobby told me I was hot every two seconds either..it is what I feel on the inside that matters. I am "comfortable" in my own skin and that is what keeps me going. Knowing and accepting I am not perfect is very freeing I must say. So many women are so stuck on themselves and their looks it's disgusting, as they are really ugly everywhere it counts.


Posted By: dddbabe
In civvie world, a woman is constantly bombarded with messages from every possible media source that tells her "unless you buy this product you are not good enough".

In escort world we still get the same not so subliminal messages, but we also get constant positive reinforcement from our patrons both in terms of verbal communication and little white envelops :)



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