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I don't talk about my personal life unless the

Posted 3/7/2012 at 10:25:29 AM

gent won't let up about it, and even then there are areas I am not going to discuss. It is supposed to be a relaxing time and about pleasure, so why anyone would want to dredge up things that make them sad, angry, or stressed is beyond me. On the flip side, many guys are the ones who won't stfu! I mean seriously...an hour is an hour dude, so do you want to get off or not?

I talk A LOT, but normally not before his first cup lol. I prefer to save the chit chat for when he is recovering and can't really process what I am saying at that time anyway. Drinking and dinner, are the times for serious conversations...not in the first 15 min. of a date. I rarely talk much at the beginning because I am rather shy until after the clothes come off...after that, you can't shut me up.

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