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Well, I guess it is that time.. Its 11om est ....

Posted 3/5/2012 at 8:21:47 PM

and the answer is

7) I once worked as a Bio-Chemical Engineer for a time until I realized how
  much I was missing out on sex. I love sex !!!

and yes..several people have seen me do my job...lol..

I have a double masters in chemistry and physics... I went to an Ivy league schools here in nyc... I now work p/t as a pharmacist and split my time between racing and p4p the rest of the time. I did not discover p4p until late in life..actually almost 5 years ago..I am loving every minute it. I adore sex and can never get enough of it. and yes because of my extensive education, people in Real Life people think I am a snob because of it..

As for my hobby..enclosed is a picture of it..shes very expensive. I got suspended twice from drag racing because i was mixing fuel in my trailor to make a better and more powerful less toxic fuel..They were not pleased as to my mixing and testing the fuel on their track without their knowledge..something about danger..yadda yadda yadda

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