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Provider Relations 101: GFE vs PSE 

Posted 4/26/2007 at 1:32:03 AM


(GFE = Girl Friend Experience)
(PSE = Porn Star Experience)

So the provider offers both GFE and PSE and you are unsure of the differences.  Here is a little clarification, from this provider's point of view to help you make up your mind:

GFE.  The first question I would ask is "Do you like to kiss?"  If so, GFE is for you.  A girl friend experience is the type of experience you would expect from someone you have a relationship with.  There is kissing, talking, hugging and lots of foreplay.  Your GFE may have candles set up for a warm and intimate setting, and may start the appointment on her couch... so that you can spend some time getting better acquainted.

Imagine this scenario:

You have been at work all day, in meetings.  You are tired and want to see that special girl in your life (or in this case the special girl for the evening *wink*).  She greets you at the door, knowing you have had a hard day, in something sexy and provocative with that look in her eye.  She offers you a glass of wine.  Or perhaps you have brought the wine and she gets out the glasses.  She sits you down on the couch and you talk for a bit.  You tell her what has been going on in your day.  You kiss.  First, slowly, softly, gently.  Then passionately, deep french kisses, devouring each other.  She starts to unbutton your shirt, again with that look in her eyes, and invites you to join her on the bed.  She slowly undresses in front of you wanting you to savor every inch of her curvaceous body.  As she draws you to the bed, she unbuttons your pants and drops them to the floor.  Next your boxers and she takes you into her mouth for a BBBJ, getting you hot and aroused before she pulls you onto the bed... where you kiss some more.  She then turns her attention back to you, kissing your neck, moving down to your chest and your nipples.. down further to finish that BJ...  She excuses herself to rinse her mouth out with mouthwash so that she can rejoin you on the bed for more dfk and possibly you return the favor with some DATY. When she can no longer handle it, after one or more O's, she pulls you up to her so that you can kiss and gently rolls you onto you back where she puts on a cover and straddles you, slowing lowering herself onto you.. after riding cowgirl for a while, you roll over and put her onto her back for continued pleasure.. and possibly try one or more positions.. doggie, MISH, with her legs around your neck.. until you collapse.. spent..

PSE.  If you have ever watched a porno, you notice that the gentleman walks into the room, and the things start to happen immediately.  There may be a few minutes of "getting to know each other," but after that the action begins.  Just hot erotic fun with no kissing.  As with most pornos, clothes are quickly removed with urgency.  Also you are encouraged to explore numerous positions; doggie, mish, off the bed, etc.  The provider may also encourage you to pull out just before finishing, remove the cover, and explode over her breasts for a hot visual experience.  If she finishes you orally, she may gargle before swallowing your offering or may spit it out over her own breasts and rub it liberally on them for your viewing pleasure.

I have found that most gentlemen who ask for PSE generally do not want this experience.  It becomes apparent early on that kissing and holding and foreplay are important to them.  What I recommend instead is that they request a "Naughty GFE."  Imagine a hot and horny girlfriend, with a naughty wanton side... and this is what most of my clients actually prefer.  It has all the kissing, holding and foreplay of GFE, with some of the naughtiness of the PSE.

I hope this helped a little in making your choice.  

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