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There is no Salt Lake top 100, and few if any local ladies even know about whitelisting. EOM
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I haven't been real active with hobbying since July do to poor health and most of the ladies I have seen and really enjoyed has moved on. There is a few Backpage ladies I have seen in the last few months but that is about it.

What would you do if you had to reestablish yourself in this hobby? I know I do have the Backpage ladies as references and a DateCheck and P411 accounts with OKs so I am not starting over. I could pass out my review handles as well but I will pass on that. It is annoying to think I am back to jumping though hoops to reestablish my references.

Why search BP & roll the dice when TER makes it easy with their top 100 list?

If you have references on p411 & date-check, than what's the problem?

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They are all dated and many of the ladies are no longer in the area or are retired. Many ladies will not take 10 month old OK's from retired providers they can not contact.

Maybe find a local board besides Backpage? There are a couple out there specific to Utah. Some providers are willing to accept older OKs, especially when you explain why you have taken a break.  People take breaks all the time. I think you are allowed to come and go as you please.  You won't be starting over.  Just be safe! Happy Hobbying :)

Feel free to email me and I can suggest a website for you ;)


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