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What was your stupidest hobby mistake? 

Posted 4/11/2012 at 8:24:56 PM

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Mine was not screening the first time I tried this and I ended up robbed. I made several that day, bringing extra cash, dealing with an upseller, showing said cash and not sharing said info after the fact. In my defense, I didn't know about any of it,(TER, screening, and the rest.) and by the time I tried again it was years after the fact.

Second worse mistake was seeing a lady because of a bad review. According to the review she was using old photos from before she was pregnant. She was very pregnant (7 months). The guy just left. I like the looks of a pregnant woman. So I gave her a try. She didn't rob me but the 15 minutes of a hand job in 60 minutes of the session was not the best deal. I would have reviewed her but She was leaving the next day to go to her folks, she showed me her plane ticket. She said she was leaving the hobby. She was pregnant and pregnant women get a small break in my eyes. Plus I was the dumb ass that seen a bait and switch pregnant lady with only one bad review, a bad review at that. I asked for it.

What was your stupidest hobby mistake?

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