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Re: Remember when?

Posted 4/9/2012 at 10:02:43 PM

With the stated fact that Scoed has the most amazing story and not to be topped...For obvious reasons..and kudos to the provider who gave him that memory, here is mine, in and out of the hobby.

Out of the hobby..

Under a dollar Gas prices, Milk and bread being so cheap, Making homemade Pies, My Grandmas house in the summertime, eating watermelon at the swimming hole in cut off jean shorts, Swinging from a rope into a deep whole of water and screaming when I let go, wondering how my parents talked so low and made decisions with only their eyes and whispers and nods...

In the hobby...

My First Client, My First Overnight date, falling in LUST the first time real hard, when DE ran TER,  Meet and Greets, Ladies who helped each other, touring across the country, I could go on and on...

Book to follow..

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