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Your not a "board stealer". 

Posted 4/8/2012 at 5:51:47 AM

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This board needs posts. The last three posts was from me. I have been spamming this board and people have been glad I have been. There has not been a photo thread in 8 days. We need someone to start one. I can't. So If you see no one has started a photo thread in the last few days start one if you wish to. (we can have one each day if you ladies wish it.) If you have a topic you think would make for a good discussion post it. I am sure it will be better received then yet anther post from me. Because at least it comes from a attractive lady rather than an ugly fat man.

By the way are you calling me a nuisance? You may be right. Best way to shut me up is for others to post more. So everyone post more.

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