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Looking for a penpal?? You continually repeat "message." I assume you mean "massage."

Posted 5/3/2012 at 5:49:09 PM

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Posted By: playfulmind
We are just getting into the lifestyle and to be perfectly's WORK!!  To find the right person or right couple, endless emails, messages, planning, etc.  Sometimes we just want a sure thing.

My GF (40 years old) would like a good message with a sexy hot woman and some play time. She feels better when I'm there.  I think that's where the problem lies, we can't seem to find anyone interested because maybe it's a weird situation?  We have had a provider join us and she also went away for the weekend in Palm Springs with us.  We are harmless, but fun.

So if you are interested in giving my (smoking Hot btw) GF a message and playing with her this Friday in downtown LA get back to me....she prefers brunettes, Latina, curvy, take charge, but nothing is a deal breaker

Pictures and references available, no problem


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