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My recomendation Christine Lynn

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Hey fellow hobbyists,
Will be in Vegas at the Luxor May 9th thru 13th. Was hoping for some friendly help/recommendations.
I am searching for a petite(5'0-5'6'') attractive provider who is Extremely Busty(most important)
w/small waist and has a hourly rate of $500 or less. I realize this is asking alot but was hoping
for some help/opinions. Have had mixed results searching TER. Saw great ADS on EROS but
without reviews not sure to trust. Thanks for any help guys for links or reviewed recommendations
and or experiences.

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April Luv is 5'6....I THINK

but I KNOW she is very very skinny, toned and has a huge rack.

I also KNOW she is adorable, very very again VERY funny....side hurting funny. I also KNOW she is a very nice woman.

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Thanks so much for directing me to April!.....seems to be beautiful and close to what I'm looking for
with great body....a little tall(5'10).....but great rack. Any other recommendations are deeply appreciated since I'm not sure I can Trust EROS pictures w/ no reviews.

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Eros is a mall...........the only thing you can do there is window shop.....TER is a review have google as your friend

to research a girl on Eros...pull up Google...type in her name or phone number or website or email and put "ter" behind the information you typed in...hit enter and that should lead you to her reviews....if you cannot find any P411....if that does not work......

I was just with April...not sure if I had on heels or she was barefoot????...but it seemed we were eyeball to eyeball......


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Thanks for your advice/input!

As mentioned, anyone you know of who is attractive and petite and has a tremendous rack
E-cup or better is preferred. I'll continue researching..... In Vegas $ days beginning May 9th. Appreciate your response....

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My recomendation Christine Lynn

SierraView912 reads

just saw her this past week

TER ID: 182242

5 1, 105, really pretty, true spinner and super enthusiastic total GFE

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