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Mobile version of TER has reviews availableregular_smile
millerman23 1 Reviews 5688 reads

You can still access reviews via the Mobile version of the site at:


Not as pretty, but the reviews are there.

impposter1707 reads

Access speed now seems to be pretty good but there are NO reviews visible for any provider. You know, down at the bottom of the profile page it usually has banner with "the reviews .... Go to Page 1 2 3" and then the list of reviews below that: DATE REVIEWER APPEARANCE PERFORMANCE. I got nothin'. Even if someone has multiple pages and I click on page 2 or 3 or 10, there is no list.

Glitch? Am I the only one?


impposter419 reads

Progress, of sorts. Now I can NEW reviews only. Even  if someone has multiple reviews or multiple PAGES of reviews, only the recent ones with the [NEW] icon show up.

bobinga427 reads

I'm having the same problem.  Most of my reviews have vanished, glad to see at least it's not just me.

mrfisher380 reads

I think this is all foretold in the Bood of Revelations, or the I Ching, take your pick.

In any case, I'm not taking any chances; I'm going out to go get laid right away.  If you are screwing during the end you'll be sucked up into heaven and get seven virgins.

At least I think that's how I remember it.

MP67321 reads

But you're not so old. ;)

I do agree, though, going out and getting laid is the answer to all...

However, I woke up and looked out the window and it's snowing like a mother-fucker. So, I take inventory of things to pass my time...


What to do, what to do. Hmm, I guess wile away the time and chat with lovely providers and the gents that frequent them.

It could be worse! LMAO!!!

....been trying for two weeks to get it removed...I guess maybe they misunderstood and thought I meant remove ALL but that one!! lol. I hope it's just a glitch.....In the meantime.....sigh....

Giamarie Lynn264 reads

I've never had a delay in communication with staff. I've heard others complain, but staff has always gotten back to me quickly. I thought their promptness all along was because I've been a paying member. Well, I guess they get behind with all of us...even the paying members.

Oh well, I just hope they figure out both the nationwide review glitch, as well as our fake review issues.

Happy Saturday!:)


platypus43428 reads

For the providers that have multiple reviews, there is one review showing on the first page and clicks to subsequent pages reveal no reviews.

When I click on the number of reviews that it reports a client having, I see a list of the providers that he has reviewed and I can click through to the review itself, even if it doesn't show on the provider's page.

I wrote to TER regarding the disappearance of my reviews.  Let's hope they reappear soon!  I'll keep my fingers crossed but not my ...giggle...K~

DSJ206 reads

No the reviews are not back up as I just check 10 seconds ago, but the speed of loading pictures have improved.

quartertone249 reads

I was going to submit a review today but I don't want to bother if it is just going to disappear into the ether.

JustAGuess248 reads

It's a system glitch.  They didn't get sucked into an abyss.

You guys would lose your minds over a girl farting.

quartertone296 reads

Not losing my mind. Probaly take a week to get posted anyway.

Gfehunting254 reads

I was wondering if this was a personal thing or what. Guess people are having problems too.

millerman235689 reads

You can still access reviews via the Mobile version of the site at:


Not as pretty, but the reviews are there.

Alberto1975276 reads

Hey all,

If you want to see all the reviews, you can switch to the "mobile" version of the site. The link should be at the bottom of the page, under "TER mobile".

If you go there, you should be able to do searches and see all reviews :) I hope that helps!

mrfisher263 reads

You can access them by clicking on a reviewer and then clicking on his reviews, but not from a provider.

I can also get them from my favorites on account manager.

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