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DreamsEscortBlogs: Sorry but it is an unpleasant truth, Social Class matters

Posted 5/14/2012 at 3:35:31 AM

Once upon a time I had a writing professor who said never begin an essay with a cliché. Too bad I didn’t listen huh ? Sitting at lunch with a local provider at Matsutake in Frederick an excellent steak and Sushi bar I was answering the question of why Dreams has had such success with our target audience. The provider was regaling me about the problem clients she’s had and the number of bad calls of late. In the end she asked me the inevitable question, “ what is wrong with these guys”?

Biting into my Sake (salmon) I looked at her smiled and said simply “ Social Class”.

“What” she replied?

“Social class”, I repeated. “Part of your answer has everything to do with social class. Of course the other part of the problem is “you” but I’ll come back to that.”

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