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The Dominate Badgirl Is Here!!!! 

Posted 5/20/2012 at 7:15:56 AM

Being pleased and pleasing the man I am with is one of my natural priorities. To get a feel of the type of lady I am behind close doors just read my reviews. I am going to tell some of the things I've heard from multiple repeat clients. When in an intimate setting...I am sensual, attentive and passionate, oh and very seductive, When in a Dom/Sub setting...I am not loud but very verbal only because I love for you to let me know what's going on in that brain of yours, ok back to what I was saying...I am strict and demanding, have an spontaneous imagination, oh and love teasing in any way possible. Whether it's passion, pleasure or pain I can and will create the most erotic time you're ever encountered.

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