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Molly's in Pittsburgh! 5/30 to 6/1

Posted 5/29/2012 at 1:40:43 AM

Revel in the aura of an elegantly exquisite vixen as you softly caress my smooth and deliciously curvy body, rivaled by no others except that of a Greek Goddess. Escape this world and leave all your worries, troubles, and stresses behind as I take you on a thrill ride to my world of infinite carnal pleasures and unsurpassed sensual excitement. Let me crown you king of my Empire of Erotica with a timeless and 'explosive' carnal celebration-a celebration in which your every wish, desire, and fantasy magically awaits your every command.

Call or text me at 765-977-0248 incall / outcall.

Check out my website at mollydaniels.com for service / rate info, and more pictures and movies as well!

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