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OK.  I tried signing up for my quarterly test today (I live just west of Baltimore) and found that I can no longer use any draw sites here in MD (no Quest Diagnostics, no LabCorp, nobody!).  Does anyone know what happened?

I can go to Virginia or PA or DC, but am not crazy about the drive and very few places are open Saturday.

This site says something about "billing laws":

The last time I tried this was in Jan 2012 and everything worked fine.  Now, it is like a major investment of time to get the blood drawn.

Any insight or advice on how to better handle what needs to be done would be appreciated.


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You could use your primary care doctor, I know that's expensive with out insurance.

Don't you have to pay Quest & LabCorp? I think they want you to pay a bill.

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Some good suggestions there incl website that you prepay and then free to use just about any lab.

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