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Posted 5/11/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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It is a good idea.  I now have a good idea on the honesty/eyesight of certain reviewers.  Unless it is a well known top rated escort with all rave reviews, I am very skeptical of reviews.  I use reviews just to verify if they are 'real' escorts or not.  I understand that tastes vary, however, it seems like the reviewers are often over generous.  Perhaps they are afraid that other escorts may not see them if they are honest?  For example, I just saw a BP lady with a few reviews that sounded and looked good in her pics.  I usually don't use BP but it was one of those times.  One reviewer commented that her hair was now dark and not blond but that pics were real and accurate and great experience and would repeat.  Well...she was not even the same race as the pics!!  One of the worst experiences I have ever had, escort or not!  Rosy Palm would have been better.

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