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Re: GFE does not mean BB

Posted 4/21/2012 at 1:34:38 PM


My recommendation is to post in the In Search Of (ISO) forum here in the TER General Forums.

That's the best option to do a bit of research to find a provider who is willing to see an unverified hobbyist.

I'd say most of the time you will have to do your research on the ladies in your area. Yes, it's tedious, but a necessary "evil". Doing your own research will help you read about what others hobbyist say about providers and what to watch out for and ask the right kinds of questions.

PM me and I'll give you some more pointers.



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Posted By: Naomi_Sweets
GFE just means she is full service and will have sex.  It does not mean she doesn't play it safe and require condoms.

I can outcall to Columbus if you want to check me out.  I am a mature bbw who adores older men and you are a great age for me.  PM me if you're interested.


    I am obviously new at this.   Perhaps we can work together if you take a few minutes to talk to me.   First off, do you have a website with pics so I can see if you click with me physically?    It would be nice if you do because you sound nice already.  

    The term GFE came  from another poster who described it as a "Girlfriend" type of escort who will be romantic with you.   I want someone who can make me feel young and hot again.   I would like to kiss, be caressed, talk, more like a lover than anything else.   Is there a term for this?   At my age I have had plenty of sex, but there is little romance in my life anymore.    I want somebody attractive to me to treat me like a king.    No hurrying, no drivers sitting outside my door at the [hotel name removed by admin] embarassing me by having all  my neighbors know I have an escort in my room.

    I also don't know how people verify that I am not LE without learning my identity, phone number, address, wife's name, etc.   I have no references since I am new to the hobby.

    Anyway.    If you can get back to me.   I am learning the words to use, but am a newbie.



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