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Re: TS Girls who post FAKE pics. WHY?

Posted 2/22/2008 at 7:54:31 PM

Reputation and business only have significance to those escorts who rely on a good reputation and repeat business.  Many escorts KNOW they offer inferior service.  As long as there are a steady stream of new Johns (suckers) who continually see the sub-standard escort, her reputation doesn't really matter.  If not for TER and other review boards, there would be a lot more shady escort business practices going on.

Fact of the matter is, very rare is this phenoninon that we know as "the perfect t-girl escort".  However, since there IS a great market full of men seeking her, this gives opportunity potential for those t-girls who are not "the perfect t-girl escort" to stake her claim in taking a portion of this market of generous men.

Salesmen (also saleswomen) are one of the highest paid professions in the world. Why?  It takes great marketing skill, tanacity, boldness and work to sell your product.  Sales rarely happen on their own, even with a good product.  So mixed in with the good products and pursuasive sales tactics are the inferior products that use a good sales pitch to make the sale.  Hence, you will have escorts who look like Phillis Diller or Candy Crowley posting glamour shots pics of themselves making them appear as a fashion model.  You will never see that fashion model on a date, but this is a sales tactic.

Primarily with TS's will you observe sooo many name changes.  Why is this?  Well, a t-girl by the very essence of "where she came from" and "where she currently is", is a continual transformation.  Hence she typically changes her name along this transition route to represent her new self.  Boring in the beginning, she might be Lisa Anne, a little prettier and more refined a year or two later, she becomes Cheryl Anne.  A few years later, she's now quite slutty and bold, she calls herself Roxanne, and so on.  This is normal TS transitional route.  However, why go through all of the work of perfecting transition when a TS can just post better looking pics that are not really her? :)  If a hooker never intends to see the John again, what difference does it matter?

Lying and deceit in the form of being a good sales woman are considered a part of capitalism.  You have to remember, what the John seeks as perfection in a t-girl and what she sees as perfection in herself in her transition as a human being, are really two different avenues in life.  A t-girl, born a boy, wants to be a girl.  Add to this that we live in a capitalistic society, where money and the things money can buy, has great value and this TS realizes she needs to market herself in effort to move her further along from "boy to girl".  She doesn't REALLY want to market herself, but in our society of value exchange, she must.  For her own personal desires, she wants to take hormones to help her inner self become more of the woman she desires to be.  For her John, he wants her to look pretty as a woman, but not at the expense of her losing the hardness of her cock.  Hence, it created t-girls who selfishly use hormones to be more womanly, but they lie and say they are still functional to satify the John.  This is saleswomanship at its best! :)  Better a John who sees a passable CD with hard cock than a 24/7 pre-op TS who lacks in the penis performance department, yet seeks 200, 300 or more for her time.

If TS's were transitioning for Johns, hormones like HGH steriods for pro baseball players would be outlawed :).  However, TS's are transitioning for themselves and not the men who pay to see them.  Hence therefore, TS's will have to be like a car salesman or any other salesman and sell their product amongst the market place of other such products.

Check out TS Ana of Miami in the TER reviews.  Undoubtably of the hottest TS's on the face of  earth.  She is gorgeous in face and body.  her TER reviews are laughable.  TER even lists her in big red letters as a RIP OFF.  How can this be???  Simple, she became what the market place of Johns seek, a gorgeous chick with a dick.  Problem is, she did this for her own selfish reasons and she really could care less for her interaction with a John on a date.  If not for reviews, society of beautiful TS's would be a perpetual scam.  They would clean up and rip off Johns all day long if not for reviews that hold them acountable.

TS's use fake pics and state they are functional and state their cocks are larger than they really are, all for one simple capitalistic reason - money :)  The selling of a product that portrays itself as what the buyer desires, but does not deliver what the buyer is hoping for.  TS Ana of Miami has perfected this science :) ha ha ha  Too bad for her, TER has perfected TS escort reviews. :) JH

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