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Posted 5/23/2012 at 7:10:50 AM

Hey San Diego! How you doin'? ;)
I have not been on your board in a while, but have come to a decision to either "Go big or go home!"..Well, if you know me at all-you know that retreating is NEVER  an option.  So...I have been having SOOO much fun!!! And the people I have been seeing are so happy that I did not go anywhere and commenting how  they could not imagine how I could have got even better than ever and loving and caring I am and.these are not my words -it's a common thread.
Anyhoo. I have never felt better, I am taking really good care of myself, and I am so happy!!!I have always loved what I do-but now I am more strongly in love with itthan ever!
I had a bit of a rough year-not gonna lie-struggoling with my decision...not sure of what I should do-was not quite myself... But I did exactly what I always do...I  let it unfold, create and resonate and VOILA!  BEAUTIFUL things ensued;)
For those of you who don't know me-here are a few facts:
200 plus reviews-Been top provider for a little over 5 years and somewhere in the Top 10 in the world...goofball..Nymphomaniac...Lives in the moment;)
Get ahold of me will be glad you did;)

New photos coming up in the next 1-2 weeks-
Unfortunatlely, I have forgotten know tohow to f'in get a pix up-sorrry. Will reteach myself in times to come. All I know is everyone says that I am hotter and hornier than ever'" ;)

In San Diego today-Friday-May23-25


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