Just to clarify - (and I am not judging) - knowing that she has posted fake pics, you are
Hiding from the man 6231 reads

still asking if anyone has attempted to see her?

springerone6333 reads

Before I take one for the team, wondering if anyone has any history on this one?  Googled her but not reviews on here or elsewhere.

springerone4337 reads

Don't you think I tired that as well.  I would not have requested assistance unless I had gone thru Google, TER, Reb Book and otheres.   Has anyone seen her?

springerone4875 reads

Has anyone established that the pictures are fake.  I couldn't.  Otherwise, I would not have asked.  Has anyone had the pleasure of her company?

Hiding from the man5023 reads

that the pictures are not of her, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it is probably a VERY good bet.

springerone5629 reads

Educate me as to how you established this.  If I missed something, I would like to prevent any additionals mistakes.

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