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ALL your comments/"questions" have been veiled AT BEST.....

Posted 4/13/2012 at 12:05:46 PM

....and he didn't say you threatened anyone ON the forums anyways.


Posted By: serpius

Show me WHERE I have threaten women on the TER forums.

Please show all of us when and where I have done that.

You do NOT tell me or other TER users to stay away from the TER forums.

The forums is to be seen and shared by ALL TER members. Not by who YOU want to see.

What drama? Just because I posted a simple question that you are getting all bent out of shape. Looks like the drama is coming from you. I do not see anyone else getting uptight about it.

Paris posted a GREAT response to my post. That's not drama, that's Paris being intellectual and I love it.



Posted By: lungman
No contact was made??
I beg to differ.
So, do ya wanna be a team player like the rest of us?
If not, stay away.
Their is NO need for drama here.
The rest of us, play by the rules.
Which means, we don't threaten women. ( we are men )


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