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Re:Discount for Veterans!!!

Posted 11/11/2004 at 10:42:11 PM

I am going to tell you a very touching story, something that happened to me when I went to the airport to pick up my pal K.B. 10/29 here in Atlanta.
I was sitting outside smoking a cigarette like ya do. When I looked at the next bench and there was a Very handsome YOUNG boy the most gorgeous large golden brown eyes in Desert Cammi sitting there smoking too.
I went over to him and shook his hand and started a conversation with him. I asked him was he home now and he said he was on a 2 week leave but,was on his way back to Iraq ( he came from North Carolina). I asked him if we were doing any real "good" there? He said "No, Maam we are only dying". He started telling me of his friends and family. He started talking of the loving night he had ,had with his father the night before and how they both had made a manly decision not to cry.......
My eyes were full of tears and K.B. walks out the door. I introduce him them and the 3 of us proceed to talk and cry. I hugged and carressed the face of this lovely 21 year old soldier. I told him come back home to us and freebies for the platoon.
I can not remember his name now but, I will never forget him.
I have thought of this young man every day since then. K.B. says it was divine intervention to have met him and shared this "love".
I have seen his face in front of me in every news report. I hope this boy comes home safe.

Much Love To You Soldier Boy, P.T.

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