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Serious question. Inquiring mind needs to know.... 

Posted 6/1/2012 at 6:05:00 AM

As I check out the newest reviews every couple of days or so, it has become alarming clear that my particular race is not so desirable in our city.  

So my question gentleman....Is Los Angeles and "surrounding areas" a dead market for Black/Ebony/African American and even Mixed Race providers?????  

Is it all about the "K-girls"?  Caucasian women will always be in demand (not to be taken as disrespectful please).  Even Latin women seem to be lacking in recent reviews.  

And yes, I know there are obviously reviews of us (and I have several fantastic ones) but it just seems so far and few between that it makes me wonder if I am waisting my time in this market.  
Hell, I am not getting any inquiries except for those that are visiting from out of town!!!  Is it all in my head or are you just not reviewing us?  
And yes, I am a very good looking sister that is in shape and gives a great service. : )

What does it take for you to see a black provider or any provider of color aside from asian?... Looks?.... Skin Tone?..... Service?... Or you would only see one at a "certain" price point?....  Do they have to rate a 10 in looks for you to see them?.... Maybe you just saw a good lookin one at the office or at the mall and now it's got you thinking...?  Or is it that you just consider it "taboo" to see a black woman and are simply not attracted?

Ladies if you have an opinion...please let it be heard. Guys feel free to use your alias'.  Please someone enlighten me????!!!!!

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