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been around the world + i've only found GFE with LA k-girls...

Posted 5/30/2012 at 12:34:37 PM

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In fact, just got back from a Latin American country and was missing LA's K-girl population from the very first encounter. And then the mongering part of the trip just went from bad to worse. Soooooooooo glad to be back home.

Our K-girls (or at least the top 30-40 percentile) offer a condensed hour like no other. It's merely, simply and completely IMPOSSIBLE to find the same level of service outside of LA K-heaven - in most sane and reasonable mongering conversations they epitomize the very concept of GFE. They offer the full monty: shower routine, massage (often "above average"), DFK, BBBJ, multiple pops and positions. Some even go so far as to make my tiny little hour feel like a hedonistic lifetime....

Enough odes to K-girls, but I am soooooo happy to be back. We got it all here guys!

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