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Aaaaaaah! Great name for a provider & first in phone book. (eom)regular_smile
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What is special about the name Amber that makes so attentive to providers of all racers ,ethnicities , cultures and even sexual orientations . 

This year alone more than a dozen providers using this name have nee reviewed by on TER LA review board.  


it's  an easy name to remember for provider and hobbyist.

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...so that's why the name would be attractive to me!

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The first Amber in the group that I checked out...was a Kgirl who charges $270 instead of the more common $250.

Clearly, being Amber is worth at least $20 an hour.

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If you are looking an alphabetized list of providers, it will be near the top. Good business decision to use the name Amber. Although Abby would be even better!  :)

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Works if you're gay, I suppose. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)  :)

Then there's Erin, but that falls further down the alphabetical list.

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Good point on "Amber," but there are other popular names as well.  Jennifer and all if its various forms shows up on a ton of ads:

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I'll say that Kgirl Amber is VERY SPECIAL. Look at her high scores with 90 reviews. That record overshadows all Ambers combined.

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has 10 additional reviews in Seattle and 124 reviews as Gia / Jessy making her another K-doll with 200+ reviews.
She is a lady of regal beauty and truly the ultimate GFE .

Posted By: LE_phobic
I'll say that Kgirl Amber is VERY SPECIAL. Look at her high scores with 90 reviews. That record overshadows all Ambers combined.

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