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You do realize

Posted 5/25/2012 at 5:40:49 AM

that when you provide links to information that form the basis of your statement or argument that it doesn't turn a baseless accusation into a fact or prove one's point?  Seems to me you admitted on one of his recent rants about a low scored girl, that the link to the review didn't prove the review was fake.

But since I have no reviews associated with this handle and you can't pm me so I can explain what I just said, as if if needs explaining, then it means what I said is useless or untrue.  But wait, you can strike the part about no reviews associated with the handle being a requirement for legitimacy since it's not revelvant except to a few pathetic guys that like to spend their time combing (stalking?) through guy's reviews so they can try and throw something in their face on the discussion board.

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