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How do providers protect themselves from dirtbag thieves and psycopaths?

Posted 5/24/2012 at 1:41:17 PM

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I'm posting this in response to reported robbing, and stabbing incidents. I'm not looking for any secrets ladies, i'm hoping to convey to any would be robbers and dirtbags that the "cute little thing", or "whore that deserves to be abused", or whatever crazy shit is going through their demented minds is quite capable of protecting herself from big thugs, or goons with guns.

Do the laws in LA justify blowing someone away if they are in your apartment or home, and you claim they were threatening you?  In Arizona it doesnt take much to justify cause for shooting someone in your home.

Stay safe ladies, and remember bad guys are out there.  This really justifies the screening you all require.  If a guy doesnt want to give up his info, he can always go to a massage place or spa.


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