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Re: tighter screening

Posted 5/23/2012 at 2:51:58 PM

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The situation involved outright robbery and one girl getting taken to the hospital. Before she left, an ATF mentioned that her friend got stopped (while in her car) near ktown by a bunch of guys and got robbed.

So you can see the need as to why the bookers are being strict. Will it weed out the weirdos, whackos and jerks? Some. But then there are the ones that get by the screening because other vouch for the. Sight unseen.

So as friendly advice from a kgirl enthusiast, I would not recommend vouching for someone in lieu of screening. Your reputation is on the line as well as a girls safety.

I know that the bookers can't catch every dick out there but let us not make it any easiser for them to get in.



Posted By: aadman
Wow, that sucks. The girls safety should definitely be the priority. Did the situations involve weapons or did the girls notice things missing after a client left? As if it wasn't tough enough meeting total strangers in this situation. Be safe!


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