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No,no,no, the main gripe is a 7/6 vs 5/6

Posted 5/21/2012 at 9:09:20 AM

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He gave a bad score of 5/6 for what reads as a bad time, but 7/6 for Ally for a good time.  Its the performance score that is in question.  I agree with you, hard to argue with a 7 on looks.

If he's legit, maybe the 6 on performance was a mistake.

Regardless, hopefully Ally has gotten enough looks from this thread to compensate for any negatives from that review.


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Posted By: Rodgerdaily
Did you read the 10/9 and the 8/9 post?  I'm not disputing the 7 on looks (except for the 10 he gave the other girl, that is an odd score considering the "history of both reviewer and girl).  Ithe big deal is the 6 for service.  He has a 5/6 for a girl he didnt like.  Does the 6 in performance for Alley k seem justified compared to a 6 for a "bad time" and "9's" for similarly qualified "good times".  From reading his review just based off the words, it looks like a 7/8 or 8/8.  Even for the looks, why not an 8? Did she not look as good as the photo, was the "junk in the trunk" flabby? (he said he liked it). Why 7 and not 8?  But more than that, with him getting the "royal treatment" what was lacking in perormance?  Its all there, he said he had a great time, what was lacking for it to be a 6?

The words for the 5/6 are spot on. The review makes sense.

edited: my bad I got the 10/9 and 8/9 reviews mixed up.  Still seems kinda fishy.

Yes I did.  In the 7/6 review, he uses the word "nice" five times. Sounds like he had a nice time (6 on TER scale), not amazing. In contrast to the 10/9 and 8/9 where he could barely contain himself. Perhaps it's because he was more thrilled by their looks. Some people decouple Looks from Performance, some are influenced by both together to varying degrees.

As for why 7 and not 8? What's the difference between a 7.4 rounded down to 7, and a 7.5 rounded up to 8? We don't know what he's thinking.  Looks are up to the reviewer and don't need to be defended. 7 is attractive, 8 is really hot and what separates them is up to individual taste. Now if he gave a 5 in looks and everyone was giving 9-10, yeah I might be suspicious.

Ultimately, one or two average reviews won't hurt Ally. I just don't think the reviewer should be flogged for his opinion., even if I may not agree with it.

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