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Re: This is WAYYYYYYYY worse than stealing money, do you even know the facts of what happened?

Posted 7/21/2012 at 6:21:30 PM

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the fact that you even made the comparison shows you have no clue or concept.

As for your comments on the NCAA you again demonstrate you have no clue

And me going out of my way……you little boy are the one who PM’d me, and regarding that PM and the tone of it (since this is the sports board)  let me just say unlike you I am NOT now, NEVER have been and NEVER will be a switch hitter. You no doubt want to play for the other team I suggest you go to the TS board dug out, perhaps over there you can find someone who will throw you a back-door slider.

Now go ahead and put your misguided and dishonest spin on it.

You’re Welcome
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