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Throwing tomatoes?

Posted 5/16/2012 at 6:46:38 PM

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Naah you don't deserve that. Maybe eggs:) Just kidding. You are just thowing out an idea and asking for opinions. Here is a suggestion: Use your personal "favorites" folder. Just because it says "favorites" doesn't mean you have to like the ladies you put in there. It is just a list for you to keep track of certain ladies. There is a comments box for each favorite, that you can input your reasons for putting them there. It won't allow the sharing of information with other members, but it will solve your issue of writing and storing it on your own computer. As for a provider who renages after taking payment up front, that is called ripoff, and there is a place for that in reviews.

Another suggestion: If you really feel TER should implement some kind of tracking list, then suggest it on the S&P board instead of the regional board.

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