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Re: How safe is it, though?

Posted 5/15/2012 at 8:10:29 AM

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Rimming is fairly safe as long as you follow some guidelines.  Obviously, you need to clean it very thoroughly.  Personally, I would be more worried about cuts and blisters around anal area more than fecal bacterial infection.  I have had some k-girls spray disinfectants on my ass before rimming.  Remember, by bacterial count, your mouth is the dirtiest, next would be anus and then penis(urine is sterile).  Of course, all this goes out the window if a person has an infection.  If you are really worried about getting somekind of bacterial infection after a session with a provider, I suggest you take shot of vodka right after.  Take a once big gulp and swish around your mouth and swallow.  This would kill 99.9% of all bacteria you picked up through mouth during the session.  This would also kill most of bacteria in your stomach too.  Your penis and anus should be cleaned during post session shower.  BTW, I love receiving RIM!  Giving, not so much.

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